welcome to eat your green!

We’re very excited to launch our blog ‘eat your green’! The purpose for this blog, is to discuss ways that we can make better choices for the environment in terms of what we eat.

It’s not meant to be a manual, and its not about allocating yet another category to the human food web. It’s just about making better choices.

Most of us are getting pretty good at being global citizens in our every day lives. We recycle our rubbish, we take shorter showers, switch off the light when we leave the room and try to drive a little less. However, that little thing we do every day to keep us living doesn’t quite have the same straightforward rules to it yet, and it probably never will. But by sharing the things we’ve learnt when trying to lesson our food-footprint, we can help make sure that we as a planet don’t eat ourselves out of house and home.

Stay tuned for coming blog posts- to start with we’ll be covering food miles, vegetarianism, and more.

Enjoy!  You can ‘like’ us on facebook and follow us on twitter, and don’t forget to share with your friends, because afterall,

“Knowledge is the food of the soul” (Plato)


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